2021 Rural Caucus Officer Elections

NOTICE: Because of the Covid-19 pandemic the rules for our next general membership meeting during the 2021 CDP VIRTUAL Convention and the Rural Caucus Officer Election are subject to change. We strongly suggest that you join or renew your Membership online and in advance -at least 5 days prior- of our meeting. 

For information about the Officer Elections go to our Announcements page HERE.
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On Thursday, April 29, 2021 8:55 AM [mailto:cdp-rural-caucus@googlegroups.com] On Behalf Of philgrosse@gmail.com wrote:  Subject: [CDP Rural Caucus] Election of Officers

As these candidates have declared for the listed offices:

Regional Chairs

Christine Bubser – Region 10

Michael Duran – Region 9

Susan Rowe – Region 8

GlennGlazer – Region 7

Victor Costa – Region 6

Amy Champ – Region 5

Renee Zeimer – Region 4

Dean Rewerts – Region 3

Elizabeth Betancourt – Region 2

Debra Broner – Region 1

Statewide Officers

Lise Talbott – Caucus Treasurer

Katie Jaycox – Secretary/Parliamentarian

Lisa Battista – Communications Officer

Joy Sterling – Chair

And as the deadline for further declarations of candidacy has passed, and as none of these candidates is opposed, and in compliance with the changes in procedure necessitated by the pandemic, I, as Elections Officer for the CDP Rural Caucus, declare the election closed and the foregoing candidates elected.  Congratulations to the new and returning Rural Caucus officers.

Please join the Rural Caucus meeting on May 1.  Please register for the meeting using this link: http://bit.ly/RuralCaucusMeeting.

Phil Grosse, Election Official 707.953.5414