Questionnaire for the Candidates for CDP Chair

The rural caucus has put together 20 questions for the candidates to be our Party’s Chair.  Please click on the following links to see their answers:

Rural Caucus Questionnaire – Lenore Albert

Rural Caucus Questionnaire – Kimberly Ellis

Rural Caucus Questionnaire – Rusty Hicks

Rural Caucus Questionnaire – Daraka Larimore-Hall

Naturally, we asked them what they will do for our rural communities. How they will build trust and import wisdom from those in places that all too often feel forgotten? How they will demonstrate that the CDP represents rural communities?

A road map is provided by the Rural Platform of the California Democratic Party. And, while we understand they do not speak for the Party and cannot make pledges, here is the questionaire we sent out: 

  1. Are you a member of the Rural Caucus. Have you been a past member? What caucuses have you joined in the past?
  2. Have you ever attended a Rural Caucus meeting (not as a candidate)?
  3. Have you ever lived in a rural area in California?
  4. What are your experiences with rural California voters- specifically what races, organizing, coalitions have you been involved in?
  5. The party relies on fundraising to get programs into traditionally non-targeted races, what is your experience with fund raising?  Have you raised money in rural areas?
  6. What is your fundraising plan for Election 2020 and what portion of those funds would be allocated to the rural districts?
  7. How can you make the party more accessible for rural delegates and activists?
  8. How will you lead the party to substantiate to voters that rural California is a priority?
  9. How will you help build our base in rural counties?
  10. What plans do you have for outreach heading into the 2020 election to help Democrats win in rural communities up and down the ballot?
  11. What are your plans for communications and rural specific messaging?
  12. Will you commit CDP funds for training, GOTV and electioneering in rural California?
  13. Do you support the concept of the Governor’s proposed Clean and Affordable Drinking Water Fund? Already several State Senators have said they will not vote for anything resembling a tax. What can the Party do to press our electeds to fulfill the mandate of clean drinking water for all Californians?
  14. In 2020, 24 Water Districts will elect new, or re-elect existing, Board Members. How will you inspire/encourage/support Democrats to run for these seats?
  15. How can the Party help achieve broadband equity and influence the stakeholders to invest in broadband in our rural counties? Would you make this issue a priority and support the efforts of the Rural Caucus?
  16. It is very disconcerting that the only “creditors” so far left out in the wind in the PG&E bankruptcy proceedings are the fire victims. How do you feel about the State of California taking over PG&E? Do you support the PG&E Resolution and Legislation co-authored by Lowell Young, Glenn Glazer  and Peter Leinau.
  17. What are your plans for the Party to combat gerrymandered rural districts?
  18. What do you think the California Democratic Party can do to advocate for rural economies and ensure that rural concerns and interests are included in policy decisions.
  19. In what order would you place these rural priorities: health care, affordable housing, education, jobs, immigration, homelessness, poverty, fire resiliency, infrastructure?
  20. How would you help bridge the urban-rural divide