Officers & AdHocs

Statewide Officers (5)

Chair: Joy Sterling 707-484-0013

Vice Chair: Susan Rowe 559-658-7343

Secretary/Parliamentarian: Juan Vazquez 209-270-9894

Treasurer: Lise Talbott 209-518-7163

Communications Officer: Victor Azevedo Costa 209-585-6443

Regional Officers (10)

1 – Northern Coastal Regional Chair: Phil Grosse
2 – Northern Regional Chair: Alice Rogers
3 – North Central Regional Chair: Dean Rewerts
4 – Bay Area Regional Chair: Renee Zeimer
5 – Gold Country Regional Chair Michael Saunders
7 – Central Coast Regional Chair: Glenn Glazer
8 – South Central Regional Chair: Susan Rowe 559-658-7343
9 – Southern Coastal Regional Chair: Michael Duran  323-203-7276
10 – Inland Empire/Desert Regional Chair: Christine Bubser


The Regional Chairs will meet soon to determine our Rural Caucus Vice Chair as prescribed by our Bylaws

AdHoc Committees

Cannabis Committee (Current Membership Only) Helene Rouvier, Chair

Water Discussion Group(Current Membership Only) Michael Saunders (Chair)

Rural Healthcare Working Discussion Group: Kim Monson (Chair)

Bylaws Committee: Glenn Glazer (Chair), Katie Jaycox

           Platform Committee:  Michel Saunders (Chair), Dennis Bress, Chris Bubser, and Juan Vazquez

Rural Housing Issues: Phil Grosse, Elizabeth Betancourt, Chris Bubser

Legislation Committee: Joy Sterling, Chair, Phil Grosse, Dean Rewerts