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The deadline to submit a timely resolution for consideration at the 2020 Executive Board Meeting in March is Wednesday, February 19th, by 5:00PM. Resolutions not complying with the above time limits, for either Executive Board meetings or annual CDP Conventions, will be termed “late resolutions.” In order for a late resolution to be considered for passage, the sponsor of the resolution must provide the CDP STAFF with 35 printed copies of the resolution for use by the Committee members. Submitters of late resolutions are also requested, but not required, to provide an electronic copy of their resolution to the CDP staff by email to or by other electronic means.

For a resolution to be considered, it must be sponsored by a member of the DSCC. Be sure to include this qualifying information on the submission form.

Please be advised: 

  • Resolutions are intended to be general statements of our principles.
  • Resolutions that dive into highly technical and detailed policy recommendations may not be considered by the Committee at their meeting.
  • Resolutions should not reference or take positions on specific bill numbers, legislation, or ballot initiatives.

The resolving body of the resolution MUST be the California Democratic Party, not a different organization.

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Rural Caucus Supported Resolutions

PG&E Resolution and Legislation

Whereas the public good must always be the first consideration of our government, and PG&E’s action threaten the public by causing 40 known fires and gas explosions, including the San Bruno gas explosion which PG&E is on probation for causing; all linked to irresponsible deferred maintenance and upkeep of their equipment; and noting that the PUC is considering breaking up PG&E as well as other measures against it; and

Whereas PG&E has filed for bankruptcy due to lawsuits resulting from their negligence and poor management which will disrupt the company’s operations and place the public’s well-being in great jeopardy; and PG&E has proposed rate increases for their customers and low interest loans and liability forgiveness from the taxpayers to cover their losses rather than first requiring their executives and shareholders, who profited from PG&E management decisions, to bear those loses as part of the understood risk of investing in any corporation; and

Whereas California has numerous municipal public utilities including LADWP and SMUD, and Nebraska has statewide public utilities, all of which can be used as models on how to run a non-profit public utility owned by the people, and California already runs “The State Fund”, a public insurance company that competes on the open market successfully;

Therefore be it resolved that the California Democratic Party supports the state takeover of PG&E and directs the Chair to issue letters to our state legislators and office holders calling for the acquisition of PG&E by Eminent Domain or by purchase of PG&E at the lowest market value of the stock in the three years prior to said purchase to prevent the manipulation of the stock’s price which would be unfair to the public, with any losses to be borne by the executives, and shareholders of record on the date of takeover, keeping the existing employees of PG&E and installing a new executive management team initially appointed by the governor and the leaders of the state Senate and Assembly, with all current union membership and employee benefits and pension commitments protected; and,

Therefore be it further resolved that the California Democratic Party calls for its Legislation Committee to draft legislation for submission to the State’s Legislature to accomplish this aim that assures that the new company be operated as a not-for-profit entity for the benefit of the people with public safety, energy reliability, and sustainability as its primary goals.

Submitted by Lowell Young, Delegate AD 5 Co-authors: Lowell Young, Glenn Glazer, and Peter Leinau


Resolution for Wildfire Evacuation Routes for Public Safety

Whereas, the increased incidence of fast-moving wildfire is threatening hundreds of lives and homes throughout California, and the difficulty of escaping these wildfires has illuminated the lack of safe evacuation routes which have cost dozens of lives in recent wildfires, such as the Camp Fire in Paradise where people died in their cars trying to escape the flames;

Whereas, Counties are charged with maintaining vegetation, upkeep, extension, and building of hundreds of miles of County roads with insufficient funding, and do not have the resources to research right of ways for dozens of neighborhoods seeking to create or expand evacuation routes. Moreover, private road owners own more roads than Counties in many rural areas, and do not have incentive, funds, or desire to expand their roads to become evacuation routes, or understand the process of providing easements to allow for new evacuation routes, and Counties do not have authority or resources to assist with creating new or enhanced evacuation routes through or across private roads;

Whereas, all the firesafe clearing and house hardening done by private landowners, Counties, state and Federal agencies will not be enough to save lives of Californians if they continue to be trapped on roads with no secondary egress, no clear evacuation routes or no access to private roads that may have been gated, or otherwise blocked by private road owners;

Therefore, be it resolved that the California Democratic Party calls upon the state of California to commit to providing funds and tools to counties and cities to ensure that essential evacuation routes can be planned, built, arranged and completed, using both public and private roads, for neighborhoods which would otherwise be isolated in a major wildfire, and that this include regulatory tools to move past entrenched private interests and resources to fund this as a separate and related priority with other wildfire prevention and mitigation priorities.

Submitted by Heidi Hall, AD-1 delegate and Nevada County Supervisor Co-authors: Lowell Young, AD5 and Peter Leinau, AD5


Resolution for a Moratorium on All Glyphosate Use by California Public Agencies

WHEREAS glyphosate, the active ingredient in the herbicide Roundup, has been identified as a carcinogen by the state of California under Proposition 62, and scientific studies have linked it to non Hodgkin’s lymphoma, to liver and kidney damage in animals, navigation disruption in bees; and

WHEREAS at least three recent California juries have found glyphosate a significant cause of the plaintiff’s cancer, and have ordered manufacturers Bayer and Monsanto to pay more than $100 million to the victims, while more than 11,000 similar lawsuits await trial across the United States; and

WHEREAS the California Department of Transportation – CalTrans – continues to spray glyphosate along state highways despite evidence of its danger, and refuses to honor the wishes of local communities opposed to that spraying, refuses to post warnings for the public, refuses to inform local communities when and where their highway shoulders will be sprayed, and refuses to use alternative means such as work crews and machinery;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the state of California declare a moratorium on all use of glyphosate by all federal, state and local agencies until an exhaustive independent study finds that it will not harm humans, animals and the environment.

Author: George Bates, Chair Trinity County DCC



Resolution about the Pending Property Insurance Crises and its Effect on California’s Economy

Whereas California is faced with growing wild fire problems, because of climate change, and as a result of this increased fire exposure, private insurers are declining to renew and/or issue fire insurance that homeowners and business need, thereby forcing them to go to high cost non-admitted insurers or to the state FAIR program, and many homeowners and businesses will not be able afford these exorbitant fire insurance premiums and will face foreclosure by lenders that require fire insurance as a condition of making a loan, and these people won’t be able to sell to their homes and businesses because because insurance is not available;

Whereas if people are not able to acquire reasonably priced fire insurance, which is essential to obtaining a loan for a home or business, they will not be able to buy or sell homes and businesses, and the State’s real estate market will collapse, which would harm the economy of California and could put many people out of work, force others into homelessness and poverty, which would further exacerbate the problem;

Whereas the free market is unwilling to meet the needs of the people of California, a publicly owned insurance company would, and said company could be created by the State’s purchasing an existing insurance company and/or using and building upon the existing State sponsored FAIR program, which is currently run by some of the same insurers that are refusing to renew fire insurance policies, and by doing this would serve the best interest of the people, businesses and the economy of California by meeting their needs that the free market is unwilling meet;

Therefore be it resolved that because the free market is profit based and will always sacrifice the well being of people for profits, the California Democratic Party will support the creation and submission to the State legislature and the governor legislation designed to create an insurance carrier owned by the public that will issue the forms of insurance that people and businesses of California need in order to continue owning their homes and businesses in peace and security.

Written by: Lowell Young and Peter Leinau


Resolving the Pending Property Insurance Crises and Protecting Californians and Our State and Local Economies

Whereas the California Democratic Party Platform vision of an economically strong California that respects and protects all California residents’ is threatened by “admitted Insurers” declining to renew and/or issue fire insurance that homeowners and business need throughout broad areas of California, thereby ending any semblance of “free market competition” by admitted insurers for consumers in California and forcing Californians to go to high cost out-of-state non-admitted insurers or to the even more expensive and limited state FAIR program; and,

Whereas the forced participation in “non-admitted” insurance plans in order to obtain or maintain financing or protect a home or business denies Californians the protection of the California Insurance Commissioner and exempts the non-admitted insurers from many of the requirements and consumer protections intended by the California Voters and enacted by their California Legislators, thereby exposing Californians to increased risk of fraud and default without normal recourse; and,

Whereas homeowners and businesses that are unable to afford insurance premiums may face foreclosure by lenders such that communities may experience a collapse of home resale market and property value that will damage local government through a reduced property tax base and a possible default crisis as owners become “upside down” on the mortgage-to-market-value, many businesses will be forced out of rural areas further exacerbating rural unemployment and harming the California economy, and as a result many Californians will lose work and many others will be forced into homelessness and poverty, all of which are outcomes to which the California Democratic Party stands in opposition;

Therefore be it resolved that the California Democratic Party support creation of a publicly owned not-for-profit insurance company to serve and protect the best interest of the people, businesses and the economy of California by meeting their needs that the free market is unwilling to meet; and,

Therefore be it further resolved that, because private insurers through their withdrawal of coverage by admitted carriers are threatening Californians and California’s economy, the California Democratic Party supports the drafting of, and submission to the State legislature and the governor, legislation to create an insurance carrier owned by the public that will issue the forms of insurance that people and businesses of California need in order to continue owning their homes and businesses in peace and security.

Written by: Lowell Young, Peter Leinau, and sponsored by the Mariposa County Democratic Central Committee

CDP Adopted on August 25, 2019 RESOLUTION 18-07.34L

Resolution Supporting the Creation of the Range of Light National Monument

WHEREAS, the California Democratic Party has long supported National Parks and National Monuments, and all the ensuing benefits they provide, that is–clean air, pure water, abundant wildlife, biodiversity, access to nature, a vibrant and sustainable economy supported by tourism, protection and recreation, and a healthy and thriving citizenry who enjoy California’s unique natural environment; and

WHEREAS, by protecting and preserving the federal lands between Yosemite and Kings Canyon National Parks, specifically the Sierra National Forest and the San Joaquin River Gorge (BLM), and safeguarding three major watersheds, specifically the South Fork of the Merced River, the Kings River and the San Joaquin River, the proposed Range of Light National Monument will benefit Americans, Californians and the abundant wildlife of the majestic Sierra Nevada; and

WHEREAS, California’s watersheds and forests are currently threatened by commercial logging, pesticide use, neglect, grazing, an extended fire season, and protecting these vital forests and watersheds from further degradation will benefit California’s unique plants and animals, will help keep communities fire-safe and fight global warming, will provide an integrated and expansive migratory area for wildlife stretching from park to park, will ensure lasting economic benefits for local communities, and will provide a special protected place for Californians and American citizens to enjoy nature for generations to come.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the California Democratic Party recognizes that the areas included in the proposed Range of Light National Monument require additional protections and that these protections will best be ensured by a National Monument designation.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the California Democratic Party endorses the idea to create the National Monument and will send copies of this resolution to each California Democratic member of the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate.

Author: Deanna Wulff, Assembly District 29; Joshua W. Elder, Assembly District 5; Lowell Young, Assembly District 5 Sponsored by El Dorado County Democratic Central Committee; Lowell Young AD 5

CDP Adopted on November 11, 2018 RESOLUTION 18-11.22