Election Rules and Proceedures

Rural Caucus Members ~

Do you have the passion to lead the CDP Rural Caucus to improve the lives of rural residents by electing Democrats in our conservative areas and advocate for legislation?  If so, please consider running for one of the Rural Caucus’ 14 offices.  We would suggest that you campaign on the googlegroup as all of the people in the group are or have been members.  On our public Facebook page there are many people who are not members and therefore cannot vote, FYI.  We will list the name of each person for each office on the website.

The election will be held at the beginning of the meeting scheduled for Friday, May 19 at 4:45pm and to avoid the long lines and confusion of the last election, we have come up with the following procedure.

  Notice of Intent to Run – RC  Please complete,  print, sign, scan and email to Becky Curry.

  Pay Caucus Dues Online by May 10

  Rural Caucus By-Laws

Rural Caucus Election Procedure 2017

  • Candidate Intent to Run statement must be filed by May 10, 2017.
  • All candidates must be current (paid/waived) members of the Rural Caucus by May 10.
  • Chair – must be a delegate to the CDP (DSCC member according to CDP By-laws)
  • Vice Chairs must live in the region they represent.
  • No nominations from the floor unless no one filed for that office by May 10.
  • Vote by secret ballot and majority wins (unlike our presidential election).
  • New officers assume office at the end of the CDP General Session on May 21.

Voting rights:    

  • Must be a 2017 paid/waived member by May 10.  Please pay online.
  • Caucus Members need to be present to vote; there is no proxy voting.
  • Please let your supporters know they must be current members by May 10 to vote.

Please contact me if you have procedural questions as I will not be running for any office. The current officers who have decided not to run can help with the transition.

Cindy Ellsmore, Rural Caucus Treasurer